VANTAS : China's car Chery entry to U.S.

HAAH Automotive Holdings has formed a new automotive operation in North America to distribute, sell and service vehicles under the BRAND UANs.
The new company was announced today by Duke Hale, president, and chief executive officer of HAAH Automotive Holdings.
HAAH has a technical cooperation agreement with Chery Automobile, one of the top ten automakers in China and the leading auto exporter to more than 80 countries.
Chery manufactures and sells a complete line of SUVs, passenger cars and electric vehicles under several separate brands, including the Exeed brand. All vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada will be assembled at U.S. plants.

The first step in their cooperation, UAEUvehicles will be on the Exeed platform, which has been developed with global resources and technologies specifically targeting consumers in the United States and Canada.
The first of the vehicle models to be sold in North America will be a premium SUV. The specific model and other details have not yet been announced. Engineering development for approval in the US market has already begun.
"This is a historic agreement that creates UAETS. The brand will incorporate a number of new technologies from its Chinese partner, including "Intelligent Connected" for a wide variety of safety and driver assistance technology, various aspects of autonomous driving and, in the future, new vehicles Energy.

UAVes are fully committed to building each of their vehicles in the U.S. To create jobs in the United States. HAAH Automotive Holdings is proud to work with Chery, launching the new UAVes brand in North America," Hale said.
"Chery is an automobile manufacturer in China with outstanding vehicles. We are very proud that you have selected HAAH as your partner for North America.
UAEU vehicles will offer more premium options for U.S. and Canadian consumers with excellent safety, quality, and reliability," Hale added.
The online sales process will be implemented using HAAH's unique modern digital platform with an industry-leading 100% cloud-based system that combines ERP and Dealer Management System (DMS) to support UAVs and the operations of the Dealer.
This unique system design comes from an integrated, open API platform that will provide real-time transactions and visibility for all users, increasing speed and accuracy.
This system is the next generation in the automotive industry, which gives UAVS a technological superiority that no other manufacturer currently offers.
It will provide a 360-degree view of customers to distributors and UAV staff, each of whom will have access to a unique version of the data (a unique version of the truth) to provide the customer with excellence in service and support.
Sharing this data allows HAAH to deliver a new, transparent and customer-friendly sales process, faster handling of customer purchase and service issues, and better reseller parts compliance.
"We are pleased to see the launch and establishment of this new U.S. car brand, U.S. U.S., U.S. CarTS," said Ray Bierzynski, executive vice president of Chery Automobile.
New technology, new energy, and new retail are profoundly changing the global automotive industry. HAAH is an excellent automotive company in North America, with a world-class team with deep automotive experience and an innovative sales and marketing model.
Chery is a world-renowned automotive company with a global R&D system, with R&D centers in Europe, America, Latin America, and China.

Technical collaboration with HAAH will support the development of new products that will meet and exceed the expectations of North American customers for the UAV brand.
I have no doubt that UAUs will provide North American consumers with an exceptional customer experience," Bierzynski said.
Details on the vehicles to be sold and more information on the production of these models will be provided below.
This news will fall like a bomb by General Motors who has had problems with Chery, given the similarity of the name to Chevy. But the Chinese have been smart and made the cars with their bases in the United States, and of course, without using the name Chery.
Chris Hosford, a well-known communicator who passed through Hyundai, who has always supported the Hispanic market, will take the reins of the brand's public relationships.