Jabra Elite 75T : True Wireless Earbuds

With the Elite 75t, Jabra is continuing its successful True Wireless series, focusing on the tried and tested, but also improving a lot. Overall, the Elite 75t solidifies the good impression that Jabra builds headphones that are worth their money.

The package with the distinctive yellow signal color contains what belongs to ordinary True Wireless In-Ears: In-Ears, charging case, charging cable from USB-A to USB-C as well as three pairs of earmolds (here called EarGels) in the Sizes S, M and L. With the right EarGels, the IP55-certified Elite 75t sits firmly in your ears, and the mechanical shielding from the outside world is also very good. Thanks to the more compact dimensions, the 75t is no longer so bulky on the ear and appear less noticeable. So Jabra doesn't promise too much.

Pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 is completely problem-free. Thanks to Multipoint, this works with a phone and a laptop at the same time, so that you can listen to music with one source until someone calls the other. Thanks to the easy-to-understand voice prompt, everything runs almost automatically.

The charging case now has USB-C, is smaller than the 65t and is much easier to open. The insertion of the in-ears is also easier and the holding magnets have a little more suit. The batteries hold in the in-ears for 7.5 hours, then they are filled three times by the case, which can pump electricity into the 75t within an hour for 15 hours. Improvements in hardware and runtime have also taken place here, which is very welcome.

The Elite 75t can be controlled very well and precisely using the two-sided buttons with a comfortable pressure point, whereby different commands are assigned to the left and right, which are clearly presented in the app (see below): "Start", "Stop", "Telephone", "Skip", "Volume", "digital assistant" and "Hearthrough" - that means the addition of external noise via the built-in microphones - can all be controlled at the ear, so the device stays in your pocket. If you take a plug out of your ear, the program stops and continues as soon as the plug is back in.

The "Sound +" app offers extensive setting and control options for the Elite 75t. Among other things, it provides updates for the hardware or adjusts the level of external noise permeability. You can also determine here whether Alexa or the respective OS assistant offers its services. Furthermore, extensive EQ settings can be made with the EQ, which can even be stored as your own presets. The charge level of the in-ears and the case can be read and the voice packs of the announcements can be managed. "Find My Jabra" activates the search function, which remembers the last point of disconnection so that you know where to look for any lost in-ears. There is also extensive documentation and an interactive display of the control commands on the in-ears. Telephone functions can also be set, such as a sidetone that adjusts the volume of your own voice at the ear or how bass or treble-heavy the caller can be heard. And there is a focus mode, in which different sounds such as rain, surf or wind are played to help you concentrate better. Last but not least, you can specify the time of inactivity outside of the charging case for the Jabras to go into sleep mode so that they do not suffer accidental battery death. With “Sound +”, Jabra provides its in-ears with an excellent app that offers a lot and is a shining example of how to do it correctly with the software-hardware link.

In addition to good sound and high wearing comfort, Jabra particularly emphasizes telephone calls, which should be low-noise and of high-quality thanks to four built-in microphones. Indeed, the voice is easy to understand. Even if a tram leaves right next to us, the other side notices the attempts to wipe out the Jabras but can live well with the frequency shear that becomes active. So there is nothing to complain about in terms of speech quality, but the "monitoring tone" function drops a bit: your own voice is mixed into the conversation, which causes an unpleasant reverberation effect, but disappears when this feature is switched off.

The first thing you notice when listening to it is that there is slight background noise in the AAC-coded stream when it is silent, but this is masked during playback. The 6 mm drivers then deliver a pleasant and balanced sound ex-works, which unfolds across the entire range and makes many facets visible and audible on a properly wide stereo stage, which leaves an overall good impression. What is missing is the force from below and certain transparency in the middle, what the overall picture

This is specifications

  • Audio
Passive noise-cancellation (PNC)
Noise reduction on outgoing voice audio
Yes, 4-microphone call technology
Wind noise protection
Audio codecs supported
Speaker size
Speaker bandwidth
20 Hz to 20 kHz (music playback)
100 Hz to 8 kHz (calls)
Microphone type
4 x MEMS
Microphone bandwidth
100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Fit & Comfort
Form factor
In-ear true wireless earbuds
Yes (S, M, L)
  •  Battery
Music and talk-time
Up to 7.5 hours with earbuds and up to 28 hours including charging case
Sleep mode
Auto-off after 15 minutes without connection or 60 minutes without activity, configurable in the Sound+ app
Standby time
6 months
Charging time
2 hours and 20 minutes (full charge with dedicated 500 mA USB wall charger)
Fast charge
Up to 60 minutes when charging earbuds for 15 minutes in the charging case
  • Connectivity
Bluetooth 5.0
Supported Bluetooth profiles
HSP v1.2 , HFP v1.7, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, SPP v1.2
Operating range
Up to 10 meters
Paired devices
Up to 8
Two devices can be connected at a time
Auto pause music
Yes, when one earbud is removed from the ear
Auto power on/off
“ON” when earbuds are out of charging case
“OFF” after 15 minutes without connection or 60 minutes without activity
  • General
What’s in the box
Earbuds, charging case, USB-C cable (300mm), 3 sets of silicon eargels, warranty and warning leaflets
Packaging dimensions
124.2 x 187.4 x 40 mm (LxWxH)
Main unit dimensions
21.9 x 19.4 x 16.2 mm (LxWxH)
Charging case dimensions
62.4 x 36.6 x 27.0 mm (LxWxH)
35 g charging case, 5.5 g right earbud, 5.5 g left earbud
Operating temperature
-5°C to 45°C (charging from 0° to 45°)
Materials used (outside)
PC/ABS plastic. Si rubber. PMMA paint. Au-plated metal
Charging plug
IP rating
Certifications & Compliances
Bluetooth 5.0, CE, FCC, IC, RoHS, REACH, proposition 65
2-year warranty* against dust and water