Spectacles 3: The glasses can record videos and photos in 3D

Snap, the company behind the Snapchat app, produced a megaflop with the first Spectacles version after a short hype at the end of 2016. Hundreds of thousands of camera glasses are said to be dusty in warehouses. Snap is said to have written off nearly $ 40 million. When the second improved generation was introduced in spring 2018, US media had speculated about a third-generation with 3D capabilities - now Snap has officially announced the Spectacles 3.

For 3D effects: Snapchats Spectacles 3 comes with dual HD cameras
The special thing about it is that the glasses come with two HD cameras, which should enable photo and video recordings in 3D, as CNBC reports. The whole thing works via wireless synchronization with the app on the smartphone, where there should be a number of 3D effects. The 3D videos can be recorded in HD at 60 frames per second. The built-in 4-microphone arrays are said to contribute a high-fidelity sound.

Unlike the predecessors, the Spectacles 3 and the accessories are not waterproof. The camera glasses are made of metal and no longer plastic. The manufacture of one piece of stainless steel sheet should make the glasses, according to Snap, durable and comfortable. The Spectacles 3 can already be pre-ordered in the colors of carbon and mineral. They cost 370 euros and should be delivered in autumn.

Snap has not reported any sales or losses for the second Spectacles generation and the successor models Veronica and Nico. However, industry observers are convinced that the demand for it cannot have been exhilarating. It will be interesting to see whether the third-generation camera glasses, which are again 140 euros more expensive, will find buyers. In any case, the area of ​​AR glasses has not yet been written off. Apple is also said to be working on its own smart glasses. Google and Samsung are also on it.

This is Specification:

Size & Weight
    Frame Size: 47 — 25 — 153
    Weight: 56.5 g
    Four-microphone audio array
    Capture and sync up to 70 videos per full charge
    Fully recharges in Charging Case in about 75 minutes
    Bluetooth 5.0
    802.11 ac Wi-Fi, 2.45 / 5 GHz
    Photos: 1728 x 1728 px
    Videos: 1216 x 1216 px at 60 fps
    2D Field of View: 105°
    3D Field of View: 86°
    F-stop: f 2.2
    4GB flash storage
    Stores up to 100 3D videos or 1,200 3D photos
iOS Compatibility
    iPhone 7 or above, running iOS 11 or above
Android Compatibility
    Select Android devices running Android 6 or above
    See Compatibility Guide here
    Built-in GPS and GLONASS
Water Resistance
    Spectacles 3 and its accessories are not water-resistant.
Charging Case
    Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Stores up to four Spectacles charges
    Recharges with the included USB-C Charging Cable
    — 50% quick charge in about 15 minutes
    — 100% full charge in about 75 minutes
    ANSI Z80.3 rated lenses
    Tinted for 100% UVA and UVB protection
    Lens Category 3 (high sun glare reduction)